Lopi is a software engineer turned author, or more accurately an author who masqueraded as a software engineer for ten years. At the end of 2015, he abandoned his programmer persona and donned his creator cape, shifting from a part-part-part-time writer to full-time. Since then, he’s written, rewritten, and soon to rewrite again the first novel of his Truth of Two Worlds fantasy series, an autobiographical retelling of his life superimposed in a fantasy setting. He’s also developed a futuristic fantasy universe, with the incredibly talented Audra Auclair, and is currently wrapping up the script for the first graphic novel to take place there, titled Chiara.

More personally, Lopi grew up in a heavily haunted house in the small logging town of Lake Cowichan, BC. Though he excelled at piano and figure skating, he primarily spent his time in the surrounding forest swinging sticks and living within his imagination. That was, of course, before he discovered a love for video games. But it didn’t stop him from constantly day dreaming and inventing new worlds and stories.

After secondary school, he attended Camosun College for a Bachelor of Education degree, aiming to teach Japanese as a second language. But before he completed that schooling, he discovered one could make a career out of making video games, so he attended the Art Institute of Vancouver, earning a Software Engineering degree.

In the journey since, he has moved several times between provinces and countries, living in Thailand for six months before being defeated by the intense summer heat. He has also travelled, seeing Russia and Japan, and plans to see the rest of the world, especially his ancestral home of Scotland, where his family line owns a castle. Or so he’s been told, though evidence to support such a claim is lacking. He’s pretty certain it’s true though,. He just has to raise a couple century’s worth of back taxes. No big deal, right?

He now resides in Victoria, BC with Audra and their two beautiful fur babies, Chroma and Nymbus. Nymbus is the world’s cuddliest cat (certificate pending) and is deaf. Chroma thinks Lopi’s shoulders are her personal perches. Though Lopi still loves piano and figure skating, his skills levels for each have somehow waned over the last couple of decades with no practice. Strange… He also enjoys climbing mountains and trees, biking, roller blading (it’s cool!), and existing mainly within day dreams.