So, last week I finished my first short story based in the Nenverse. It’s up on my Patreon, if you’d like to read it. It’s for this contest. It had to be 1,500 words or less, and the theme was “Liberation”. To be honest, this is only the second piece that I’ve ever completed, the first being a pretty poorly written short story a couple decades ago that I only showed my sister. Aside from that, I’ve never felt like I had finished anything. It’s always been “well, I finished this revision, but it still needs work.” And considering I never had any real deadlines on those works, they never received those additional revisions, at least not enough to consider them a finished work. But this short story, titled ‘Adelia’, has a deadline, and I had to anxiously declare it finished.

It felt weird, and scary, because I knew that other people were going to be reading it. I had only ever let those extremely close to me read my works. Well, more like I forced my works on those close to me. But it really was scary, letting it loose into the world. I know I’m not the greatest writer, I have a lot to learn, but I feel like I’m decent. Yet, that fear of “What if you’re wrong? What if you’re actually terrible?” just wouldn’t shake. I got a boost of confidence when Audra read my story and said “it’s actually really good.” I mean, she’s my harshest critic, just brutally honest in all my shortcomings. And she…liked it? It took her a bit of convincing, as I was certain she was toying with me, that it was actually so terrible that it was barely salvageable.

But it’s done, it’s out there.The first terrifying step in pursuing my dream. It’s officially the first thing I’ve created and given to the public. And so far people seem to like it! That positive response has fuelled my creative mind into overdrive. I can’t stop thinking about what I want to write next, what part of the Nenverse I want to show people. Ideas keep popping in my head faster than ever, and I’m struggling to make sure to write them all down, since they usually come to me while I’m doing something like dishes or driving (day dreaming while driving is safe, right?).

Anyway, I’m excited for what’s going to be coming next!


Lopi is a software engineer turned author, or more accurately an author who masqueraded as a software engineer for ten years. He's currently writing a series of fantasy novels as well as a fantasy graphic novel with the (far too) talented (for him) artist Audra Auclair.