I finally made myself a website. Why? Well, honestly, because every experienced author who talked about starting off as an author said to. And their reasons made a lot of sense. I needed a central location to post all my work, something that could be referenced. Tumblr was good enough, at first, but I felt like I needed my own website to be taken seriously.

So here it is, in all its amateur glory!

I plan on posting more than just updates on my projects, I want to share all my everythingness with the world. Originally, I had wanted to make a YouTube channel for that. It was something I wanted to do for the past eight or nine years, but there was always some reason I couldn’t; I couldn’t afford a camera decent enough to make video, I didn’t have the time to learn how to properly edit, insert another lame excuse. The truth is, if I really wanted to pursue YouTube, I would have done so. I would have found the time, I would have used the crappy footage from my junk camera, I would have done what it took. So why didn’t I?

I think it was my own consciousness telling me something. What that is, I’m not entirely sure, but I think I was meant to write instead of record. At least for now. I still feel that urge to record my adventures and share my passions with the world in that way, but after watching how much work goes into an actual YouTube channel, through Audra, I definitely prefer this right now.

So, what am I working on right now? Well, a week or so ago I finished the fourth revision of the latest Chiara outline rewrite. Audra looked it over and gave the go ahead, so I loosely scripted the first ten pages. The next step is for Audra and I to go through the scripted pages and finalize them. We decided to tackle this graphic novel in ten page chunks, so that we have the freedom to switch things up as we go, if it wasn’t really feeling right. But we also didn’t want to fly by the seat of our pants without a script at all. Once we accomplish that, I’ll really feel like this comic is finally coming alive.


Lopi is a software engineer turned author, or more accurately an author who masqueraded as a software engineer for ten years. He's currently writing a series of fantasy novels as well as a fantasy graphic novel with the (far too) talented (for him) artist Audra Auclair.